August 24-28

Dear Parents,

This week we dove into God’s word and read the story of Creation!  It was great to see and hear all the wonderful things that God has made for us because of His love for us!  It was a little confusing to read through so feel free to read it over with your child during family devotions this week.

It was great to see you at Back to School night this week!  If you were unable to attend, please check your child’s Friday papers because I included the informational packet I shared with families that night.

Reminders for next week:

*Please have your child bring in an old t-shirt/shorts for art.  We will have a messy project coming up the following Friday.

*We will start our Reading Homework next week.  On Monday I will sit down with the students and explain the process.  Your child will fill in his/her planner for the week, breaking up minutes accordingly.  If your family schedule conflicts with your child’s reading goal for the night, please adjust your child’s planner.  The goal each week is to read at least 60-80 this first semester. Please feel free to email me with questions or concerns about the Reading Homework.  Accelerated Reader will start this coming week also.  Tests will be taken at home.  I will work with students to set a goal at the beginning of the week.  Children can bring home books from my library to read at home; please make sure to bring them back the next day.

Here is what is coming this week:

Religion: We will be leading the Early Childhood chapel on Tuesday…we are excited to serve in this capacity!

Spelling:  We took our pre-test today.  We will have Word Work all week, but if you know your child will need more practice, please feel free to practice at home.  Test will be Thursday over the 20 spelling words listed for this week.  I do not use the pre-test as a grade.

Memory Work:  Please look at your child’s Memory Sheet because I wrote what day they are expected to say their Memory Work to me.

Science:  We will start our first chapter, A Look at Living Things.  We will be focusing on how to use the text to answer questions while looking at what living things need from their environment.

Reading:  We took the STAR test this past week and now we will start our Guided Reading groups in class.  During Guided Reading students will have the opportunity to work with me in a small group setting while others independently work.   We will be focusing on using context clues, long vowel a sounds, and complete/incomplete sentences.

Math:  Saxon Math philosophy is that daily work is not graded, it is practice.  There will be an assessment every 10 Lessons, and those assessments will be graded.  I will always check over your child’s homework.

Art:  We will focus on Henri Matisse and make a 3-D vase using organic shapes.

Have a great weekend!  Here are some pictures from the week:  learning how to use the Popplet app and working on making art like Frank Stella.


IMG_0004 IMG_0005 IMG_0006 IMG_0007 IMG_0008 IMG_0009 IMG_0010 IMG_0011 IMG_0012 IMG_0013 IMG_0014 IMG_0015


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