Week of August 31-Sept. 4

Dear Parents,

We had a great 3rd week of school!  I was so proud of how we “served” this week by leading chapel for the PS and Kindergarten!  The students did a great job of showing the younger children how to worship and praise our Lord during chapel!

*Please remember to send in a old t-shirt/shorts for art.  We will start a messy project this coming Friday for Art. 🙂

*We started Accelerated Reader this week and I told the students to make a goal of taking one AR test a week.   I will start sending home AR results/STAR results next week so that you can help your child work on his/her AR goal for the quarter.

Information for next week:

Religion:  We will look at the story of Adam/Eve in our Bibles and take a look a the 6 Chief Parts of Christian Doctrine.

Reading:  We will work on recognizing and using compound words, using fiction/nonfiction text to answer questions, and identifying plot in settings.

Math:  We will work on counting dimes and nickels, adding 10 to a Two-Digit Number, and subtracting 10 from a 2-digit number.

Grammar:  We will identify the 4 kinds of sentences (Command, Exclamatory, Statement, Question) and work on producing those sentences with correct capitalization and punctuation.

Writing:  We are continuing to work on our narratives, focusing on adding small details.

Art:  We will continue taking a look at Henri Matisse.

Science:  We started our Science Notebooks this week and we will use those for learning about the structures of plants next week.

Here are some pictures from the week:

Making a Popplet!
Creating our Science Notebook!
Popplet work…
Using data to create a graph!
Playing Subtraction War during Math Centers
Using Front Row to help sharpen our math skills!
Creating Matisse inspired art!
Leading at EC Chapel

IMG_0019IMG_0021 IMG_0025 IMG_0027 IMG_0028 IMG_0029 IMG_0031 IMG_0032


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