September 21-25

Dear Parents,

This week in chapel we heard from Pastor Clausing.  He and his family (all 9 children!) are moving to Nairobi, Kenya in January so that they can spread the Gospel to the people in Kenya!  It was a great reminder for all of us that God wants all His people to hear His word!  Zion will help support the Clausing family through prayer and financial gifts…more information will come out about that throughout the school year.

Information for the coming week(s)

*We will have our first field trip on Friday, October 9th.  I am needing at least 3 chaperones to chaperone our class to Busch Wildlife Refuge.  The chaperones will need to be at school at 11 a.m. and we will be returning at 2:30.  I apologize that I wasn’t able to get this information out sooner, but Busch Wildlife just sent me finalized plans yesterday.  If you are willing to chaperone, please email me.  We will not be taking a bus so each chaperone will need to be willing to drive and have a background check on file with the school office.

What we will be doing next week:

Religion:  We will continue to study the Holy Spirit’s names, characteristic, and works.

Reading:  How to find answers in text using clue words in the questions, Main Idea and Supporting Details, Idioms, and Homophones.

Math:  How to write Some, Some More problems, Regrouping 10s and 1s, and drawing/identifying polygons.

Writing:  We will start a new unit on writing paragraphs.

Social Studies:  Miss Bevirt is wrapping up the first unit in Social Studies.

STEM:  Thursday and Friday we will work on 2 new STEM activities before we transition back to Science class next week.

Here are some pictures from Pastor Clausing’s visit: (He gave us a great geography lesson about Kenya, taught us an African song, and reminded us that the church is not a building, but rather people gathered together to worship God!)

IMG_1337 IMG_1340 IMG_1341


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