January 18-22

Dear Parents,

It was great to see so many of you at Donuts for Dads!  It was also great to hear Pastor Rouland’s chapel message about how important dads are to their children and how we have the greatest Father!  Our Father always loves us and will always be there for us…a great model for us as parents!

A special prayer of thanksgiving as one of our classmates will be baptized this weekend!  Prayers for James and his family for this special celebration!!!!


Information for the coming weeks:

*We sing this Sunday at Chapel of the Cross at 10:45 a.m.  Please have your child their by 10:35.  We will meet at the back of church.  Address: 907 Jungermann Rd. St. Peters.

*Lutheran Schools Week Dress-up Days are listed on Sycamore’s Homepage…check them out.


What we will be working on:

Religion-We will be focusing on confession and liturgy

Reading-Prediction with previous text in mind, retelling, finish up reading of Stone Fox.  We are focusing on what 3rd grade expectations are for telling about the character (character trait plus evidence from the text) and telling about the setting (when and where by citing evidence from the text).  Please feel free to ask your child when they are reading at home these questions…what do you know about the character?  How do you know?  What is the setting (where and when) and how do you know?  

Math-Scores were low this week on assessments.  Please make sure to check your child’s homework each night to make sure it is correct.  We work on facts every day in class but if your child is not doing well on fact assessments, please practice at home.  Email me with questions.

English-looking at Latin roots of words to help us understand word meaning

Writing-Persuasive speeches

Science-Continue our unit on “What Makes Objects Move?” We will focus this week on magnets. I will do an assessment on Thursday over what we have learned so far; nothing to study for at home.

Art-Watercolor techniques

Have a great 3 day weekend!





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