Feb. 1-5

Dear Parents,

Whew!  It was a busy and fun week!  It was great to see everyone dressed up each day and we enjoyed all of the fun activities that came with the week!  It was a great reminder how God has blessed us with a great school!!!

Information for the coming weeks:

*We will be making Valentine’s boxes next week in art.  Our party will be Thursday, Feb. 11th.  Please do not attach candy to the valentines.  Your child can bring the valentines that morning of the party.

*Thank you to the following parents/grandparents who will be chaperoning our field trip to the Symphony:  Mrs. Merritt, Mrs. Ingles, Mrs. Phipps, and Mrs. Bognar.  I will send out permission slips next week.

*Six Flags Reading sheets are due by the middle of Feb.  Turn them in so your child can receive a free ticket to Six Flags!

*GRANDPARENTS/SPECIAL PERSON DAY – Save the Date: We invited all Grandparents or special adult friend to attend school on March 11, from 8-12.  More information and invitation to come!

What we are doing this week:

Religion:  Looking at how God’s people worshiped compared to how we worship today

Math:  Keep practicing those subtraction facts at home if your child needs it.  We will be looking at decimal points this week while adding 3 digit money problems.

Reading:  We are on the last week of our fiction unit and will be moving on to non-fiction next week.  This week we are focusing on unknown words and figuring out what strategies to use.  Word work this week is focusing on our spelling patterns and the latin root of -graph.

Grammar: Reviewing common/proper and pronouns

Art:  Making Valentine’s boxes

Social Studies:  My class will have S.S. with Miss Bevirt for the next month while I teach Science to her class.


Pictures from the week: (Dress up day class pictures, Juggling Jeff pictures, activity with Mrs. Stanglein’s class, Pastor Eisold leading chapel, a missionary in Peru)



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