Feb. 8-12

Dear Parents,

This week we were blessed to serve as we made a joke book for a student who is battling brain cancer.  Natalia attends Lutheran High and we are praying for her every day!  Next week we will make cards for another student, Derek, who is also battling brain cancer.  Please include these students in your families’ prayers!


Information for the following weeks:

*Book Orders went home today.  Online orders are due by Feb. 16th.  Please visit the “Scholastic Book Club” tab on my blog to access the website and class code.  Thanks for ordering books to help grow our classroom library too!

*Field trip permission slips went home today.  They are due by Feb. 16th.

*Six Flags Reading sheets are due Feb. 15th.

*No School this Friday or Monday


What we are doing this week:

Religion:  How does worship connect believers

Reading: We are starting our Non-fiction unit.  This week we will focus on identifying text features of non-fiction, summarizing the main idea/details.  We will continue reading our JR books.  During the month of January our class read over 160 books!  Keep up the hard work!  Your child’s goal is to read 20 pages for every 30 minutes of reading.  Some of us have reached that goal consistently and some of us are still working towards that goal.  After your child reads a book, I have them take an AR test to check comprehension.   The expectation is that your child is able to get a 90% on the AR test for each JR book.  If that isn’t met, I conference with your child to see where the disconnect was when he/she was reading.

Math: Multiplying by 5, Estimating and Measuring Distance using Feet, Yards, and Meters, Drawing Arrays

English: Latin root of bio, review of helping verbs

Writing:  Letters, Emails


Pictures from this week:  We enjoyed making our Valentine’s boxes







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