Feb. 29-Mar. 4

Dear Parents,

This week the 6th grade led chapel.  They did a great job of reminding us that our actions have consequences and to ask the Lord to help us when we are making tough decisions!


Information for the coming week(s):

*Field trip permission slips are going home today for Breeze Park Nursing Home.  Please return them by Wed.  We will be driving by car so if your child uses a booster seat, make sure it is labeled and bring it to school on Friday morning.  Thank you to the following drivers:  Mrs. Paul, Mrs. Phipps, Mr. Cooseman, Mrs. Johnson, and Mrs. Young.  Thank you to the chaperones that helped out this week for the Symphony!

*Grandparent’s Day/Special Friends Day Dismissal Forms:  Please turn then in by this Friday.  Every child needs to have one on file.  Thanks!

*Achievement Tests are March 14-18.  Please do not schedule appointments for that week if possible.

What we are doing next week:

Grammar:  Continue to work with quotation marks and writing dialogue

Reading:  Non-fiction unit…summarizing text by using main idea and details

Math: Multiplication Facts – 3’s, will assess division of 2’s, 5’s, and 7’s on Monday.

Science:  STEM activities

Art:  Continue work on our Seuss cities



Pictures: (Field Trip to Symphony House)

IMG_1912 2IMG_1913 14IMG_1914 4IMG_1916 7IMG_1918 19IMG_1919 2IMG_1921


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