April 18-21

Dear Parents,

This week in chapel, Mr. Marolf reminded us that God gives us courage to do many things, whether that be trying a new thing or telling someone about Jesus.  Mr. Marolf told us that Jesus had the ultimate courage when He died for us!


Information for the week(s):

*Book orders are due by Friday.

*School Musical on Thursday at 7 p.m.  Please have your child in the church basement at 6:45.  PLEASE NOTE:  Mrs. Crumrine has asked that all 3rd grade students wear khaki bottoms and standardized dress shirts.  Your child will also need either a regular belt or rope to tie around the robes that she will be giving each child to wear.  *Narrators please wear church clothes.*

*3rd Grade sings May 7 at 5 p.m. at Zion.

*Please note the following special opportunity for Zion families:

Your school is invited to our May 12th Family Night at the Garden!  And yes, this means the whole school – all students in all grades, all teachers, all staff, and their respective families.  This special evening is an annual event in which we thank our school partners (like you) and our community partners for working alongside us during the school year.

Attendees that night will enjoy:

o   Free admission to the Garden and the Children’s Garden,

o   A light meal and 

o   Activities on the grounds,

o   An opportunity to explore and play in our new Brookings Exploration Center and

o   A chance to experience educational fun in the PlantLab!


Next week:

We will spend a lot of our week preparing for our musical.  Between practices we will…

Reading:  Focus on making predictions about character using evidence from the book, continue our work with non-fiction pre-reading, during reading, and post-reading strategies.

Math:  Test on 9’s

Grammar:  Conclude our work on compound vs. simple sentences, also continue our work to increase stamina as writers

Religion:  We will lead chapel for the Preschool/Kindergarten on Wed.  I have been so proud of the work the students have done to lead worship.  Everything that will be done in the chapel will be student driven.  They have written everything, come up with the ideas, created artwork, and will lead the entire worship.  They have grown so much this year!!!!






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