May 2-6

Dear Parents,

This week in chapel, Mr. Debrick talked to us about the ways we have served this year.  He reminded us that God wants us to serve our neighbors, just by doing simple things like holding the door, helping pass out papers, etc.  There are lots of people that need our help in big ways and small ways!

Information for the week(s):

*We sing Saturday, May 7th at 5 p.m.  Please have your child upstairs at 4:45 so that Mrs. Crumrine can practice the songs.

*Change War:   Our school theme this year is “Blessed to Serve.” One way we can serve others is by helping those in need.  A local family recently lost their home and all of their possessions in a house fire and needs our help.    So Zion is having a Change War!  Please bring in your change to add positive amounts to your class’s total and add paper money to other class’s milk jugs to subtract from their money totals.  Collected monies will be given to the family in need.  The Change War will take place May 2-6.  Thank you for your generosity!

*Week of the Young Child is this coming week.  These are optional and if your child chooses not to participate, please wear standardized dress.  Please check out the info for dress-down days:

Monday:  Pajama Day!

Tuesday:  Silly Sock Day and Blues Day! (Wear your St. Louis Blues attire/Jeans are optional)

Wednesday:  Dress Like your favorite Sports Person

Thursday:  Favorite Color Day (Jeans are optional)

Friday-Favorite Storybook Character Day (Dress like your favorite character in a storybook…not a Halloween character).

*I will have a sub Wednesday-Friday.  Her name is Janet Gregory.  My husband passed his doctoral exam this past week so we are going up to Chicago for his graduation! 🙂  I will not be checking my email so if you have anything that needs to be communicated with Mrs. Gregory, please call/email Julie Schmidt in the school office.  I will post the blog on Sunday night when I return.  Thanks!

What we will be doing this week:

Religion:  Prayer-when we pray, what do we pray, PATH prayer

Reading:  We will start Book Clubs this week while continuing our work with Winn-Dixie

Grammar:  Correcting mistakes in writing

Math:  8’s assessment on Friday, 100 Fact Assessment this week on all multiplication problems that we have had up to this week

Pictures from last week:  Students did a fantastic job leading EC Chapel and leading at the musical!!!  Very proud of them!

IMG_2056 11IMG_2059 2IMG_2061 2IMG_2074 5IMG_2111IMG_2112 5IMG_2114 3IMG_2116

IMG_2063 2IMG_2065 11IMG_2067 4IMG_2072IMG_2074 3IMG_2079 2IMG_2085 2


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