May 16-20

Dear Parents,

Today we had a special visitor in our classroom, Natalia from Lutheran High School.  It was so great to see her in person and it was great for the kids to see who we have been praying for these past few months.  Natalia still has 10 more months of chemo/radiation left so please keep those prayers coming!

Information for the next week(s):

*Six Flags tickets went home today; check your child’s red folder.

*No hot lunch the last week of school; please have your child bring cold lunch.  Items will be sold (brownies and other treats) by our cooks for 50 cents.

*Please fill in church attendance in your child’s red homework folder.  I will be starting to fill that in for 4th quarter for report cards.

*I will be putting in a Scholastic book order on Monday so if you are interested, please visit Scholastic’s website.


What we will be doing next week:

Religion:  Finishing our prayer unit

Math:  6’s, 8’s, 9’s division assessment will be on Thursday

Reading:  Inference strategy and holding Book Clubs for fiction selections

Science:  We will be doing a STEM activity that goes with our past weather unit and doing LEGOS robotics.

Spelling:  We will have a review week; kids will be tested on Friday over words/patterns we have had this 4th quarter.  We will have a 2nd-4th grade Spelling Bee on Tuesday.  Good luck to Charlotte and Emma who will be our class representatives!

Grammar:  Review of various grammar skills (commas in a series, ‘s or s’, quotation marks)

Art:  Printmaking


Pictures:  This week we helped 1st graders work on counting dimes, nickels, and pennies.  We also showed them how to draw 3-D shapes.

IMG_2217 2IMG_2222 4IMG_2225 2IMG_2229IMG_2230 2IMG_2232 2IMG_2233 9IMG_2234IMG_2237IMG_2212IMG_2213IMG_2214IMG_2217 2IMG_2222 4IMG_2224IMG_2225 2IMG_2226 2IMG_2226 3IMG_2229IMG_2230 2IMG_2231IMG_2232 2IMG_2233 9IMG_2234IMG_2236IMG_2237


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