May 23-26

Dear Parents,

Hard to believe that this is the last week!  Please note the following information for next week:

-No hot lunch.  Each child needs to bring a cold lunch.

-Students will bring home belongings on Wednesday.  No backpacks are needed for Thursday.

-Yearbooks will be coming home on Wednesday.

-School will be dismissed at 10 a.m. on Thursday.


Pictures from this week:

We had a fun week with STEM.  We did Lego Robotics and then did a STEM challenge that went with the weather unit we just finished in Science.  The students had to build a house that would withstand winds (from a leafblower) and keep the family (4 feathers) safe inside the house.  It was an exciting time to see if our houses would stand the test!  We also had a guest visitor, Evelyn’s grandpa, who read us a fun story and did a fun activity with us!



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