August 22-26

Dear Parents,

IMG_2628  This picture was taken of our classroom altar.  This year our theme is “All for One” and the cross that you see was made by the students.  It represents how we are all individuals and God made us special, yet we are all one body or family in Christ.  I am excited to use this theme throughout the year to help us to learn about ourselves but also to be part of God’s family!!

The altar cloth and small wooden cross come from Belize.  This year our chapel offerings will go to buy children’s Bibles for the children in Belize.  This past summer several Zion staff members went down to Belize to minister and help fellow teachers in Belize.  Because of this partnership, we will be able to provide these Bibles to the children!  Very awesome opportunity to spread God’s word to all His people!


Information for the coming week(s):

-Back to School Night is Tuesday starting at 6:30.  Please plan to come and hear about 3rd grade!  Sessions will last 20 minutes, 3 sessions for the night.  This is for parents only.  Please email me with any questions.

-In your child’s red folder is paperwork for Zion’s Half Day Care.  Please fill it out and return if you need care.

Here is what we will be working on next week:

Reading:  We will take the STAR test which will be one way I will assess where each child is at with his/her reading skills.  I will also be assessing skills using Running Records.  I will introduce the workshop model to the students during the week.

Grammar/Writing:  We will start our unit on writing complete sentences, identifying nouns/verbs, and correct punctuation/capitalization.

Math:  Graphing Data on a Bar, Identifying Digits and Writing 2 Digit Numbers, Telling Time to Half Hour, Measuring to the nearest inch, Addition Facts-adding 0, adding 1, and Doubles

Spelling:  We took the spelling assessment this week and next week Miss Bevirt and I will show the classes how spelling will be set up for the week.  The following week (8/29) words will come home to be assessed.


Pictures from the week: (Receiving our Bibles at chapel and doing a partner activity)






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