September 6-9

Dear Parents,

This week in chapel we had our first “Faith Family” activity.  “Faith families” are students from different grade levels sitting together in chapel to worship together as one family of God.  We also get to do fun activities with our “family” too.  Throughout the year we will pray together, play together, and most importantly worship our Lord together!!!


Information for the week(s) ahead:

*Scholastic order forms went home today.  The class code is listed under the tab on my blog that says “Scholastic”.   Every order you place for your child enables me to buy books for our classroom so thanks for your support!!!!  Orders are due by September 9th.

*Keep checking your child’s math papers every night so that corrections don’t have to be done at school.  Thanks for making sure that your child understands important math concepts!!!

What we are doing next week:

Religion:  Promise of a Savior to Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel

Reading:  We are continuing to focus on what will make reading great-increased stamina and engagement!  Next week I will focus on having students complete an accurate reading reading log because the following week it will be something that is graded each week.  No reading homework this weekend!!!

Math:  Addition word problems, subtraction facts, counting dimes/nickels/pennies together.

Writing:  How to turn a question into an answer.  We will be working on this for the next couple of weeks.

Science:  Climate zones and using weather instruments to measure weather.


I apologize no pictures this week!  I was planning on taking some during art but I was too busy helping! 🙂  Have a great Labor Day weekend!



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