September 12-16

Dear Parents,

This week in chapel Mr. Marolf talked to us about how God wants us to treat one another.  This lesson also tied in to our Bible story on Thursday, Cain and Abel.  We keep messing up relationships with one another but are blessed to have such a forgiving and caring God!!!

Information for the coming week(s):

-3rd grade sings September 25th at 8 a.m. at Zion Lutheran Church.  Please have your child in the church balcony at 7:45 to practice.  Please email me with any questions about singing in church.


What we are doing this week:

Religion:  We will read about the family tree of Adam and Eve and make a flow chart to keep track of them all! 🙂  We will also read about Noah.  Keep up the good work with the OT books.  Next week we will work on NT in class.

Reading:  We will tackle talking with partners about books, strategies to check for comprehension, and envisioning.  Please note that this will be the week that more reading grades will start to show up on Sycamore and that I am grading on Zion’s 3rd grade expectations/standards for reading.  I will also be grading your child’s reading log each week.

Grammar/Writing:  Adjectives, answering questions with a statement, answering complex questions with a statement.    For example:  How is the character feeling in the story?  Cite your answer with evidence from the text.

Social Studies:  Miss Bevirt will be teaching S.S. for the next few weeks.  If she ends the unit with a test, I will let you know a week ahead of time.

Art:  Rainbow art


Here are some pictures from our art project (Congruent Triangles):






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