September 19-23

Dear Parents,

This week in chapel, we were blessed to have Pastor Tornerie from CALMS, the agency that we are partnering with this year to provide Bibles to the children of Belize.  He reminded us that we can preach the God’s Word to anyone, near or far!  This week we brought in enough chapel offerings to purchase 2 Bibles!  Keep remembering those offerings each week to help spread God’s Word!


Information for the coming week(s):

*We sing September 25 at the 8 a.m. service.  Please have your child arrive by 7:45 in the upstairs church music room to practice.

*Thank you to those who ordered books!  I will send home another flyer in October.

*Your child is asked to read 15 minutes sometime during the weekend.  He/she knows that it needs to be recorded on his/her Reading Log.  I will collect and grade Reading Logs every Monday.  Thank you for helping your child make reading the best it can be!!!!

*Remember no school on Friday, Sept. 23rd!

What we are doing next week:

Religion:  Tower of Babel and the Calling of Abram.  We will also learn the NT books of the Bible song for Memory Work.

Reading:  We are continuing our work on checking our comprehension when we are reading our Just Right books, recording our Fluency, and Envisioning.  A way to check in with your child is to ask him/her:  Tell me who the characters are in the last chapter you read, tell me the important events that happened in the chapter (listen for sequence words like first, next, last, finally), and does this chapter connect with something you have read?  It is important for your child to verbalize what he/she is reading!  These are the same questions the students have to answer when I meet with them about their books.

Grammar/Writing:  We will continue our work on turning questions into statements but this week we will focus on questions that are in our Social Studies and Science books.  We will also focus on pronouns.

Social Studies:  Chapter 1- Where in the World Is Our Community? We will learn and talk about the planet, continent, country, state, and community that we live in. We will also be completing a project called, “Me on the Map.”


Pictures from our Buddy Activity with Mrs. Hoehner’s class…we made rainsticks to remind the preschoolers of the story of Noah!










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