September 26-30

Dear Parents,

This week in chapel Mr. Braddy, one of Zion’s 8th grade teachers, reminded us that we are like pencils.  We come in all shapes, sizes, colors and God uses all of our special talents and abilities to help spread His Word to all people!  Our class has brought in enough offerings for 3 Bibles so far to send to Belize!

Information for the coming week(s):

*We sing this Sunday at 8 a.m.  Please have your child meet Mrs. Crumrine, Zion’s music teacher, in the upstairs church music room at 7:45 a.m.  We are excited to help lead worship!


What we are doing this week:

Religion:  Promise to Abraham, New Testament Jeopardy game

Reading:  Prediction work, Retelling.  Thanks for helping your child fill in his/her reading log.  Please remember that the expectation is your child reads 5 times a week for at least 15 minutes.

Math:  Counting dimes/nickels/pennies, breaking squares up into thirds, addition facts are adding 2 to a number

Grammar/Writing: Articles, starting Quotation work, writing paragraphs

Pictures from our last STEM project that concluded our weather unit.  Students had to construct a roof that would withstand powerful winds!




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