October 24-28


Dear Parents,

This week in chapel, Zion’s Children’s Ministry Director, Bethany Andrews, had Mr. Debrick and Pastor Reitz help illustrate that we are chained to sin but because of Jesus that chain is broken free!  We have an awesome God!

In our Faith Family Prayer time, we focused on PATH prayer (Praise, Apology, Thanksgiving, Help).  Each Faith Family was able to read verses from the Bible that helped us give words of Praise for our prayers to God!!!


Information for next week:

*Please have your child bring in an empty, washed out 2 liter bottle for Science.  We will be making our Ecosystems on Tuesday.

*Red Ribbon Week dress up days:  Regular dress code applies to all dress days 


      • “Don’t Hug a Drug”
      • Bring your favorite stuffed animal, pillow, or small blanket


      • “Doing Drugs Won’t Make You a Superhero”
      • Wear a superhero shirt and/or cape


      • “Stand Up Against Drugs”
      • Make your hair stand up crazy


      • “Hide Your Identity From Drugs”
      • Wear sunglasses
      • P/T Conferences after school


What we will be focusing on next week:

Religion:  Joseph

Reading:  Non-fiction-finding the main idea of an article and details that support that main idea

Grammar:  Commas in a series

Writing:  Narrative, taking a small moment and turning it into a story

Math:  Next week we will counting quarters with dimes, nickels, and pennies.  In preparation, please feel free to have your child practice counting at home.

Art:  Cell Art

Pictures from this week:  Field Trip to the Symphony, outdoor classroom for living/non-living activity, Fall Harvest Party



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