November 7-11

Dear Parents,

It was great to see so many family members this week for “Muffins for Moms”!  Mr. Debrick’s message reminded us to spread the news of Jesus, either through our actions or our words!

Information for the week(s) ahead: 

*No School on Tuesday because Zion is a polling place

*Botanical Gardens Field Trip on Friday…wear Zion t-shirt/jeans/tennis shoes…bring lunch and drink (no peanut butter)

*Advent Service will be here before we know it!  I will send home Advent parts next week that the children will say for the morning/evening church service on Dec.  7th.

*Thanksgiving Food Drive:  Please feel free to send in Cream of Mushroom soup or French Fried Onions for the annual food drive that helps out Concordia Seminary families.  This special food offering will take place on Nov. 16th but your child can bring it in earlier and we will store it in the classroom until then.  Thanks!

What we will be doing next week:

Religion:  Story of Moses

Reading:  Strategies to figure out subject matter vocabulary words in non-fiction reading

Math:  We have started talking about multiplication.  See if your child can find an array in real life.  If you would like to work on multiplication facts ahead of time, please feel free! 🙂

Some other items to practice at home:  telling time to 5 minute intervals (7:35, 8:05, etc.), counting quarters/dimes/nickels/pennies that equal over a dollar, adding 4-6 one digit numbers together (4+5+3+6+7)

Social Studies:  Landforms, Directions

English:  Adjectives





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