November 14-18

Dear Parents,

This week was our second faith family event.  The Chapel started out with a litany and a song, we then left the church with our faith family to have a family devotion and work on a service project.  The devotion focused on being thankful.  We are thankful for things we can see and touch like food, family, and clothing.  We also need to be grateful for things we can’t touch or see like our freedom.  We talked about those who serve our country in the military.  We then made Christmas cards that will be sent to servicemen around the world.  We returned to Chapel and celebrated baptismal birthdays and sang our theme song.  This is such a fun time to build relationships with other students centered around Christ.


Information for the coming week(s):

*Thanksgiving Food Drive for the Seminary:  Please feel free to have your child bring in Cream of Mushroom soup or French Fried onions.  Money offerings during the month will go to purchasing turkeys to complete Thanksgiving meals.  Thank you for helping others in need!  We will take offerings up on Wednesday morning to chapel.

*Advent Parts are stapled in your child’s Homework Folder.  Your child can say their part any time before Dec. 2nd.  3/4th grade Advent Service is on Dec. 7th at 10 a.m. and 7 p.m.

*If your child would like to audition so that he/she can play a piece of music for the preservice music time of the 3/4th grade Advent service, please note the following information from Mrs. Crumrine, Zion’s music teacher:      1) Auditions will take place on Dec. 1st         2) In order to audition, student must have had formal music lessons for at least 1 year      3) Music piece must be religious

Please email me with any questions about the audition.

*Zion will be participating in world sport stacking day on Thursday, November 17.  The 1st through 6th grade classes will participate from 8:10am – 1:20pm.(see below schedule).  If you would like to volunteer to help with this event, please contact Melinda Steinbacher at

 2016 World Sport Stacking Day Schedule

 8:10-8:45am             3B and 3K    

What we are doing next week:

Religion: Departure from Egypt and the Giving of the Law

Reading:  Taking information from 2 texts and synthesizing that information into main idea and details

Math:  Adding 7 and 8 to numbers, adding two digit numbers mentally

English:  Adjectives

Art:  Poppy Art

Pictures from the Field Trip and our Religion lesson that we did about the story of Moses (we ate matza bread, bitter herbs, grape juice, and haroseth).  I apologize if there are some kids that are photographed more than others because I wasn’t able to be with each group as they went through the climatron at the Garden.



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