November 28-Dec. 2

Dear Parents,

Today in chapel Pastor Rouland reminded us that we have so much to be thankful for!  I pray that you have a restful and wonderful Thanksgiving break!  I am so very thankful for your children, supportive families, and a great school where we can thank God all the time!!!!

Information for the coming week(s):

*Advent Service is on Dec. 7th at 10 a.m. and 7 p.m.  Children will wear standardized dress for the 10 a.m. service and church clothes for the 7 p.m. service.

*Auditions for pre-service music for the Advent Service will take place on Thursday, Dec. 1st.  Please have your child bring his/her music in that day for the audition.

*Book orders went home today!  I will place the order on Dec. 2nd.  If you want to have the books be a secret, please send me an email and we will figure out a way to send them home.

What we will be working on next week:

Memory Work:  Advent Parts due by Dec. 2nd

Religion:  Starting Advent devotions, practicing for the Advent service

Math:  Pre-assessments went home today for 100 Addition Fact Practice and 25 Multiplication Fact Practice.  If your child scored 85 or higher on the Addition Fact Practice, he/she will not have Addition Fact Practice homework this week.  If your child scored lower than 85, he/she needs additional practice with addition facts.  Some math apps that are good for practicing facts:  Sushi Math and My Math App.  Thanks for working on this important skill.

Reading:  We will start Narrative Non-fiction unit and focus on reading the biography of Helen Keller.  Keep up with that reading!!! 🙂

Grammar:  Plural Possessives vs. Plurals

Art:  Advent Wreath



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