December 5-9

Dear Parents,

This week the 5th/6th graders did a great job leading chapel!  We are excited to lead chapel on Wednesday at 10 a.m.  Parents are welcome to attend chapel!


Information for the coming week(s):

*Advent Service on Wednesday night…please have your child down in the church basement at 6:45.  Teachers will be there at 6:45 to watch students down in the church basement.  Thanks!

*We are doing a fossil project next week, so I told students to look for small objects that would work well to make an impression (leaves, shells, etc.)  at home.  Objects can be brought in on Monday.  I will have objects in the room that can be used if ones can’t be found at home.


What we are doing next week:

Religion: Continuing Advent practice, Angel announcing news to Mary

Reading:  Reading the biography of Helen Keller and focusing on strategies on finding out unknown words (increasing vocabulary).

Want to know how you can help your child with vocabulary?                                                           1) Look through a page of their Just Right book and find a word that might be unknown to your child.  Ask them a strategy about how they could figure out the word.  This simple 5 minute discussion can really help your child.                                                                                            2) Have discussions about words as much as you can.  (What does that mean?  What makes you think that?)                                                                                                                                                3) Put challenging words into everyday discussions and ask your child what the word means.

Learning new vocabulary is so important!  I keep stressing to the class that we can’t skip over unknown words; we have to put in the work to figure them out!

Science:  Continue our work with fossils.  We will have a quiz on Thursday over this short chapter.  Your child will not need to study for the quiz at home; just wanted to let you know the unit was concluding.

Grammar:  Plural words that end in y, possessives

Art:  Christmas Art



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