Jan. 17-20

Dear Parents,

I hope that you are enjoying the long weekend! 🙂

This week in chapel, Mr. Marolf reminded us that we all have a great dad, our Heavenly Father!!   He cares for us, protects us, and always knows what is best for us!  We are blessed to have an awesome God!

Information for the coming week(s):

*We sing Feb. 12  10:45 a.m.  at Chapel of the Cross Lutheran Church in St. Peters.  Please have your child there at 10:30.

*Check out Sycamore for the special dress up days that we will have for Lutheran Schools Week (Jan. 23-27)

*I am in need of 2 chaperones for the March 30th field trip to Bissinger’s Chocolate Factory.  First to respond, first to attend.  Please email me as soon as possible.  Thanks!  We will be taking a bus for this trip.

What we are doing next week:

Religion:  Israel Enters Canaan

Reading:  Finding patterns of character traits, figuring out motivations of characters

Grammar:  Comparing Adjectives, adding ed to make a verb in the past

Math:  Subtracting 2 digit numbers, writing numbers to 1000, adding and subtracting multiples of 100, subtraction facts -3, -4

Science:  How are life cycles the same and different in animals?  Test for this unit will be on Thursday.  I will send home study guide/books on Tuesday and Wednesday.  No required reading those two nights, but always welcomed! 🙂

Art:  Insect Art





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