January 23-27

Dear Parents,

This week we had a Faith Family Activity, after getting to know each other better in a scavenger hunt game we learned that we are all an important piece to God’s church.  Together with all believers we can be a picture of God’s love and Jesus’ Salvation to the world.  We each made a cross that will be put together to create on big cross.  Look for it in church this weekend!  We were able to celebrate baptisms in January and February and renew our baptismal vows as a Zion family.

Here is a link to a video of the theme song refrain:



Information for the week(s):

*We sing Feb. 12  10:45 a.m.  at Chapel of the Cross Lutheran Church in St. Peters.  Please have your child there at 10:30.

*Scholastic Book Orders went home.  I will be placing the order on Jan. 27th.

*2017 NLSW Dress Up Day Descriptions

Monday: P.J. Day

  • Wear pajamas/sweats
  • May bring one stuffed animal/pillow
  • May wear slippers (bring change of shoes for outside)
Tuesday: Fake Injury Day
  • Throw on your bandages and slings we are all broken today
  • No injuries that impair your ability to function and/or cause a mess
  • Jeans optional

Wednesday: Character Day

  • Dress up as a favorite Bible, book, or movie character
  • Jeans optional
Thursday: Ultimate Spirit Day
  • Do you have the Spirit in you?
  • Wear your Red, White, and Black to show your Zion Lutheran School Spirit
  • Jeans optional
Friday: Holiday Day
  • Bring out your cheesy holiday gear and show your festive fun
  • Ideas: 4th of July, Easter, Christmas, Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, or all of the above!
  • Jeans optional
NLSW Bible’s of Belize Change War
We will have a milk jug outside our classroom every morning to collect change. The money raised will be put toward our Bibles for Belize mission. Students can bring in dollar bills to put in another teacher’s milk jug to count “against” them. Change counts as a positive and dollars count as a negative.
What we will be doing next week (besides having a lot of fun celebrating going to a great Lutheran school! 🙂
Religion:  Joshua
Reading:  Continuing Character Work,
Math:  Subtracting -3, -4 facts, Multiplication of 2 facts
Writing:  Writing like a scientist
Art:   Finishing insect pointillism art, snowflake art
Grammar:  Comparative Adjectives
Pictures from the week:  We went to church to learn about Confession and Absolution (fancy words for confessing our sins and God forgiving us).  We  are working hard to create pointillism art which takes a lot of patience!!!  We also went to check out the beautiful art work that was set up in the church Welcome Center!  Come check it out this weekend!

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