Feb. 21-24

Dear Parents,

This week in chapel one of Zion’s 4th grade teachers, Mr. Maddick, reminded us of all the things that we are thankful to God for: house, family, food, friends.  The list goes on and on!!!!  Thank you God for taking care of us!



Information for the coming week(s):

Spring Auction Round Up is coming Feb 27th-March 3rd!  The committee is looking for donations for the Zion School Auction April 7, 2017 at Old Hickory.  The class with the most donations will receive 30 minutes of extra time in the gym!  Need donation ideas?  Grab a leaf with a donation idea off one of the Auction Trees the week before round up to help you shop.  Monetary donations are also accepted and any help is appreciated!  Thank you for your generosity!


What we are doing next week:

Religion:  King Solomon

Reading:  We will be reading Lemonade War as a class; working on comprehension strategies and vocabulary strategies.

Math:  Identifying number of days in each month, subtraction facts -7,-8,-9, multiplying by 0 and by 5, measuring using feet, yards, and meters

Grammar:  Writing paragraphs, abstract nouns

Art:  Finishing shamrock art

Social Studies:  We will start chapter 6, “Making Communities Better.” We are going to look at five individuals whose actions made a difference in the lives of people in their own community and around the country.

Pictures from the week:  Valentine’s Party, dissecting flowers in Science, making vocabulary flashcards online, giving valentines to Julia who works in the kitchen





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