April 3-7

Dear Parents,

This Wednesday our Faith Families learned that a small rock a can make a big ripple in a pond.  As Faith Families we made activity bags for kids with cancer.  These bags were put together in a small amount of time but the 160 activity bags will make a big impact to those who receive them.  It is exciting to watch the students willingly spend their time sharing God’s love with children they will never meet.

We also celebrated Baptismal Birthdays in March and April.


Information for the coming week(s):

*Achievement Tests are this week.  Please remind your child that these tests are to show us what they have learned/know.  It is not for a grade.  These tests are just one of many different formats of assessments that we use to look at the learning of your child.  Your child will need 1-2 books that he/she can read at his/her desk when a test is finished.

*Early Dismissal on Wednesday at 12 p.m. No lunch served that day.

What we are doing this week:  Because of Achievement Tests that will take up the morning, the afternoon will be filled with…

Writing:  Revising fables and publishing

Science:  Answer the question, what is attracted to a magnet?  How is a magnet showing force?

Religion:  Passion Week reading and activities, we will lead Early Childhood Chapel on Tuesday

No Spelling test this week and no math homework this week.  We will have reading homework each night.

Here are some pictures from the week (Field Trip, Robotics)



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