April 24-28

Dear Parents,

This week in chapel, Mrs. Gnade from Lutheran High St Charles, reminded us the true reason for Easter…not bunnies or eggs, but Jesus!



Information for the coming week(s):

*1st-3rd grade musical is on Friday, May 5 at 6 p.m.

What we are doing next week:

Religion:  Psalm 23 and Miracles of Jesus

Math:  We did a pre-assessment of 100 multiplication facts that we have learned so far.  You can find that assessment in your child’s red folder.  Please check how your child did to see what facts your child might need to practice before the next 100 Fact multiplication assessment which will be on Friday.

Reading:  How to synthesize non-fiction text, how to figure out vocabulary that we find when researching our topic

Writing:  Drafting our information piece

Grammar:  Verb tenses

Practicing for the musical…


Pictures from the last 2 weeks (exploring magnetic force, telling the Easter story to Preschool buddies, working with our research groups, and creating Van Gogh artwork)IMG_3561IMG_3562IMG_3563IMG_3564IMG_3565IMG_3566IMG_3567IMG_3568IMG_3569IMG_3570IMG_3571IMG_3572IMG_3573IMG_3574IMG_3576IMG_3577IMG_3578IMG_3580IMG_3581IMG_3582IMG_3583IMG_3585IMG_3586IMG_3587IMG_3588IMG_3589IMG_3590IMG_3591IMG_3592IMG_3593IMG_3594IMG_3595IMG_3596IMG_3597IMG_3598IMG_3600IMG_3601IMG_3602IMG_3603IMG_3604IMG_3605IMG_3606IMG_3607IMG_3608IMG_3609IMG_3610IMG_3625IMG_3626IMG_3627


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